Safe Arrival

20140525-130125-46885792.jpg Yesterday, the first 3 members of the Karis team arrived safely in Tokyo. Though we had a few minor complications we were blessed to have a comfortable flight and a good nights rest. Megumi, Tony and myself will spend a few days in Tokyo with Megumi's parents making preparations for the rest of the Karis team that arrives on Tuesday.

Thanks for your prayers!


Pray for Tokyo: Shinagawa and Ota


Pray for Shinagawa Ku 360,000 individuals reside in Shinagawa Ku with a mere 17 churches to reach them all. It is an area with rich historical significance. It also holds the headquarters for a number of electric companies meaning it is populated with very influential people in the corporate sphere. Horse races occur here as well so gambling is not uncommon. Pray that they would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.




Pray for Ota Ku There are 682,000 people that live in Ota Ku with 34 churches to minister to them. This is the largest prefecture in Tokyo making up 10% of the size of all 23 prefectures. It also houses the only airport in Tokyo proper. There are many wealthy neighborhoods and gambling outlets here. Pray that they too would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.

Pray for Tokyo: Setagaya and Meguro


Setagaya (世田谷区)

Population 863,000 Size  22 sq mi.   2nd largest in 23 wards Churches  73

Setagaya has the largest population of any ward in Tokyo. It used to have the lowest population but after World War 2,  the population increased dramatically. Due the the dramatic growth, the city is rather unorganized, making it easy to get lost. There is a saying, if you can drive well in Setagaya, then you will be a good taxi driver. With the constant growth comes constant rebuilding. They often tear down old buildings to build new ones. With the growth and rebuilding, it has become known as one of the richer areas of Tokyo and a target of crime making it 4th in criminal activity in Tokyo.  Another problem of their growth brings to light Japan's overall population decline and what to do with the citizens of Setagaya when they become elderly.

Please pray that the growth of Setagaya would be marked by gospel growth. Pray that the gospel would transform the lives of the people in Setagaya and the Christians would form families that change the outlook of this ward for the good of the nation and for the glory of God.

Meguro ku

Population 268,000 Size 5.5 sq mi.  16th largest in 23 wards Churches  19

Meguro is known as the city for ladies. Meguro is well-known for being a modern city with fancy amenities that attract celebrities, artists and women from all around. Many women in their 30 to 40s pursue careers, homes, and lifestyles that center around the culture of Meguro. So, there are many educated ladies living in Meguro, who are single or married, but have no kids and instead focus on their careers or interests. Thus, Meguro's population is one of the fastest decreasing populations in Tokyo.

Pray that the gospel would be proclaimed and that the idols of people's hearts would be revealed. Pray that the power of the gospel would take affect and change the hearts of the people of Meguro. Pray that a new legacy would begin in Meguro, one that reflects the glory of God.

Pray for Tokyo: Edogawa and Koto

Join us this week as we pray for the Edogawa and Koto wards of Tokyo. 500px-Tokyo_special_wards_map.svg


Edogawa (江戸川区) is located along the eastern side of Tokyo. It is one of the largest wards in Tokyo. Over 670,000 people live in the 20 sq miles that make of Edogawa. However, there are only 20 churches in Edogawa.

Koto (江東区) is located in southern Tokyo with several man made islands that extend into Tokyo Bay. Koto is roughly 15 sq miles with a population of over 500,000. There are only 17 churches located in Koto.


Both Koto and Edogawa are in need of church plants. There is an overwhelming ratio of people to churches right now. Both areas have also seen a resurgence in new building projects and residential areas that aim to bring in even more people.  As you consider Tokyo this week, pray for the Lord to send more workers into the fields of Japan for the purpose of church planting.