Safe Arrival

20140525-130125-46885792.jpg Yesterday, the first 3 members of the Karis team arrived safely in Tokyo. Though we had a few minor complications we were blessed to have a comfortable flight and a good nights rest. Megumi, Tony and myself will spend a few days in Tokyo with Megumi's parents making preparations for the rest of the Karis team that arrives on Tuesday.

Thanks for your prayers!


A Sexless Society

Friends, this is a helpful documentary I recently viewed that is helpful in many ways to reveal some of the deeper Gospel issues that begin to surface when you look at some of the bigger problems facing Japan. The focus is on the declining birth rates in Japan but I think the host does a great job of revealing the various idols that people of Japan are enslaved to. Be it money, power, control, comfort or shame, the Japanese are painting a grand picture of what a disastrous course it is to fully be given over to idolatry. Please pray for us as we head to Tokyo this weekend. Pray that the spirit would be at work in the hearts of those around us and that we would see Japan through gospel lenses. Pray that through this trip Karis would receive a vision for the future of ministry in Japan.

Pray for Tokyo: Shinagawa and Ota


Pray for Shinagawa Ku 360,000 individuals reside in Shinagawa Ku with a mere 17 churches to reach them all. It is an area with rich historical significance. It also holds the headquarters for a number of electric companies meaning it is populated with very influential people in the corporate sphere. Horse races occur here as well so gambling is not uncommon. Pray that they would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.




Pray for Ota Ku There are 682,000 people that live in Ota Ku with 34 churches to minister to them. This is the largest prefecture in Tokyo making up 10% of the size of all 23 prefectures. It also houses the only airport in Tokyo proper. There are many wealthy neighborhoods and gambling outlets here. Pray that they too would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.