Pray for Tokyo: Shinagawa and Ota


Pray for Shinagawa Ku 360,000 individuals reside in Shinagawa Ku with a mere 17 churches to reach them all. It is an area with rich historical significance. It also holds the headquarters for a number of electric companies meaning it is populated with very influential people in the corporate sphere. Horse races occur here as well so gambling is not uncommon. Pray that they would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.




Pray for Ota Ku There are 682,000 people that live in Ota Ku with 34 churches to minister to them. This is the largest prefecture in Tokyo making up 10% of the size of all 23 prefectures. It also houses the only airport in Tokyo proper. There are many wealthy neighborhoods and gambling outlets here. Pray that they too would come to see the priceless worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.

Pray for Tokyo: Adachi and Katsushika


Adachi ward (足立区) is the 5th largest ward in Tokyo. Surrounded by 7 rivers, it is an agricultural area with many farmers as wells as factories for their industry. The population is 645,000 with a total of 27 churches to reach out to the hurting and lost. Crime is more prevalent here due in part to its large population.

Pray for the churches and believers in this ward to not grow weary, but to trust in Him and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ boldly!


Katsushika ward (葛飾区) is the 9th largest ward with 432,000 people living in its borders. There are only 15 churches in this ward to reach the lost. It also has the 4th largest demographic of elderly people over 65 years old. The demographic of 0 -14 year olds in Katsushika Ku is also 4th in Japan, however the “in-betweeners” are much fewer. It is a ward that very much resembles the ‘good old days’ and change does not come easily.

Pray for the hearts of the young and the elderly to love one another and serve one another, not out of honor or duty, but because of the great grace of Jesus Christ towards all of them!

Pray for Tokyo: Kita and Arakawa

500px-Tokyo_special_wards_map.svg This week we'll look at Kita (北区) and Arakawa (荒川区) wards and how we can pray for them.

Kita means north in Japanese and is the northern most ward in Tokyo. It lies just left of Itabashi and has a long history. Before World War II it was a collection of farming communities. After the war, the region hit an industrial boom in which many chemical plants were established. The chemicals were used in tandem with the paper factories of Itabashi that we mentioned last week. Kita ward has a population of 334,000 and is roughly 13 sq mi. Kita ward has the highest population of elderly in all of Tokyo. 25% of the population is over 65. The effects of Japan's aging society in well documented in Kita ward. Since 1965, the population of the ward has decreased by 12,000 due largely to deaths of the elderly. In Kita ward there are only 15 churches, that's 22,266 people per church.

With this information in mind how can we pray for Kita ward?

  • Pray for the salvation of the elderly in Kita ward
  • Pray for the churches of Kita ward that they would have boldness to engage the people of Kita ward on mission to share the gospel.
  • Pray that young christian families would see the opportunities for mission in the ward and consider moving there.

Arakawa, meaning raging river, has a population of 202,000 people in a space of about 6 sq mi. Arakawa was destroyed in world war II but efforts to rebuild it have made one of the best wards to live in today. Arakawa has the most long term residents of any ward and one of the highest populations of Asian foreigners in Tokyo. It has been voted one of the best places to raise children in Tokyo. With so much going for Arakawa, there are only 14 churches in this ward, that's 14,500 people for every church.


Let's pray for Arakawa

  • Pray that the churches of Arakawa would seize opportunities to raise up new leaders from the young generations around them.
  • Pray that the churches would be able to connect and reach the foreigners around them and make a global impact for Christ.
  • Pray that the churches of Arakawa would continue to step out on mission and boldly proclaim the gospel.