Theology Weekend: Why I Love Tom Schreiner

Tom Schreiner Again, Theology Weekend is coming Friday, and I hope you plan to attend. Joining us for the weekend will be my friend and mentor Dr. Thomas Schreiner from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I am so excited to have him and Diane in town. Here are just a few reasons why I love the guy:

1. He is an amazing scholar. Visit Tom's bio with all of his writings listed here. Known especially for his work on the Pauline writings, he is a gifted, trusted scholar in the New Testament field. His Pauline theology is a goldmine. In addition, a New Testament theology is coming out just around the corner.

2. He is gifted relationally. I've had many opportunities to spend time in Tom's office, in his home, and in church. For someone so gifted, he is incredibly skilled at relating to all sorts of people. He can talk the New Perspective with a PhD student. He can talk about the resurrection of Jesus with a child. And he enjoys and excels at both.

3. He is loving and kind. Tom genuinely cares about each student and each member of his church. He'll take the time to email when most people won't. He'll invite you into his office. He is welcoming and warm. He is a wonderful model of a pastor/scholar.

4. He excels at the simple. If you get the opportunity to hear Tom preach, I've always said that he won't wow you. He doesn't flaunt his knowledge. He doesn't try to shatter the earth with each message. He simply states the truth simply and clearly in a way that everyone there, seminary student or not, will understand.

5. He is humble. This is rare to find in a scholar of his stature. Tom imitates our Lord, exemplifying the meekness and humiity of Christ. He never makes anyone feel below him. He opens himself up to learn from others. He is a godly, humble man.

6. He loves Jesus. Christ is Tom's passion. This comes forth in his preaching, teaching, and loving of Christ's body. He sets forth a wonderful model of passion for Jesus Christ, our Lord.

It is my hope that you will join us for Theology Weekend. Come Friday night, for the forum, "Jesus... who?", in particular, and you'll see in person what I mention above.