Theology Weekend: Why My Hands Are Frostbitten

Well, not really, but close.  It is freezing outside today, and I just spent some time handing out flyers for Friday night's forum.  The panel discussion/debate will feature mTiger Hotely friend Tom Schreiner, along with Unitarian/Universalist pastor Bill Haney and Islamic scholar Shakir Al-Ani.  This should be an exciting event, which explains why I would risk freezing my fingers to promote it.  The topic will be "Jesus... who?"  The title plays off the way we typically distinguish in our language between various "Bobs" according to last name.  What's Jesus's "last name?"  Is it Christ?  Or is it "good dude" or "gifted teacher?"  I've never met the two other men who have agreed to join us, but I know Tom.  He is a humble, gifted man.  He's humble enough to speak the truth without being offensive.  He is gifted enough to speak the truth persuasively.  Join us at 7:00 p.m. at the historic Tiger Hotel downtown for "Jesus... who?"