Ballou Featured in the Tribune

Karis member Lindsey Howald just wrote a great feature on Karis member Matt Ballou.  Lindsey edits the Columbia Tribune's Ovation section.  Matt teaches art at Mizzou and is an accomplished painter.  He is a gifted leader and theologian, leading and shepherding a Karis C-Group in an exemplary manner with the assistance of his sweet wife Alison.  We're so thankful to have them on board.  Check out the super article about Matt's work here. A quote: It would be a great mistake for one to assume that Ballou, now 32, has painted any of these because he thinks they look good. Before his acceptance to the master of fine arts program at Indiana University, Ballou, wearied by his job, wrote constantly to give himself hope. He has published a book called "One Hundred Permutations" and an essay about Nerdrum himself in "Image Journal." He developed deep philosophies behind all that he paints, philosophies that power the work and give it meaning.