Encouragement Amidst Controversy

Several weeks ago, we were mentioned in several news stories and an interview with me was featured on a prominent Christian blog.  All of this centered around the recent decision by the MBC executive board to no longer fund Acts 29 Network planters-- including those to whom they had already committed 2008 funding.  But, as we know from the life of Joseph and others in the Bible, God has a way of intending bad things-- and I do say it was a bad thing-- for good.  And He has been good.  Let me count the ways:

  • Has this changed our financial situation?  Yes-- for the BETTER.  We have come very close to exactly DOUBLING the MBC money.  Now, our budget still includes 1/3 from outside support this year, so we desperately need all of the other support we have.  But the MBC money has been replaced, praise God.

  • Ironically, we would have likely been giving back over $500 a month to the MBC at the end of 2008 anyhow.