Karis: City of Columbia's Volunteer of the Month

Check out this excerpt from a City Volunteer Services email.  Through our volunteer work in the community, we've been named Volunteers of the Month.  What an exciting honor!  Columbia, we're privileged to live here.  The privilege is ours! ____________________________________________________

Volunteer of the Month - Karis Community Church In the fall of 2007, Karis Community Church came to the city with an idea. They were seeing an increasing amount of graffiti in central Columbia. Their church had a particular interest in central Columbia and wanted to do something about this issue.

In October 2007, Karis led the first graffiti removal cleanup day.  Armed with buckets, rags, scrappers and removal solution, nearly 30 volunteers shared a Saturday morning to spruce up downtown.

Since that project, the church has led two other work days and has invited community members to help.  Residents can also join in the effort to remove graffiti during Cleanup Columbia on Saturday, April 25.

Members of Karis are involved with many other service projects in the community, including support for residents of Paquin Tower, seniors served by the Boone County Council on Aging, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Rainbow House.  The church has a strong interest in finding hands-on ways to make Columbia a better place.