Sunday Gathering Recap

We had a fabulous Sunday Gathering at Karis.  I continued preaching through Luke, looking at chapter 10 and verses 1-24, considering Jesus as our "Sending Sovereign".  The band was amazing, as usual.  They did the new Mars Hill version of "Amazing Love," which I love amazingly (but not as much as the gospel).  Here are the main points from the slides.  The big idea is this: Jesus gives us this amazing, humbling calling.  But we have great hope in that Christ is on the throne, sovereign in salvation. Jesus, Our Sending Sovereign

Jesus Sends... In community (v. 1) For missionaries (v. 2) Into danger (v. 3) Without resources (v. 4) With urgency (v. 4) Proclaiming peace (v. 5) Practicing contentment (vv. 7-8) Displaying the kingdom (v. 9) Expecting rejection (v. 10) Warning of judgment (vv. 10-12)

Jesus Rules... He reigns over His harvest (v. 2) He prepares the way for us (vv. 5-7) He identifies closely with us (vv. 13-16) He gives us great authority (vv. 17-20) He reveals Himself to the marginalized (vv. 21-24)