Sunday Gathering Recap (02.08.09)

We had a great Sunday Gathering at Karis.  I definitely didn't feel my sharpest, but I believe God used it, regardless.  Luke and the band did fabulous, as usual.  They did: Come and Sing (Sojourn)

Gloria (great Mars Hill Song)

Remedy (David Crowder)

A Prayer for Faith (Mars Hill)

Lift Up They Bleeding Hand (Indelible Grace)

God of Justice (Tim Hughes)

I preached the Parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37.  Here are the points I shared: Jesus, Our Compassionate Savior (Luke 10:25-37) 1. Jesus calls us to extend mercy to others a) Mercy evidences true salvation (its importance) b) Mercy starts with heartfelt compassion (its motive) c) Mercy loves through restoring actions (its nature)

  • Word and Deed
  • Felt and Deep Needs (Physical, Relational, Psychological and Theological Needs)

d) Mercy extends beyond sinful limits (its scope)

  • limits of convenience
  • limits of risk
  • limits of time
  • limits of money
  • limits of acceptance

2. Jesus wants us to experience mercy for ourselves a) Jesus demands total devotion in living (the requirement) b) Jesus calls for complete awareness of self (the precondition) c) Jesus commands utter dependence upon Him (the remedy)