Karis Blog: Sunday Gathering Recap

What a fabulous Gathering of the saints today in Karis.  I preached from Luke 10:38-42, the account of Mary and Martha.  Remember it?  Martha is all stressed out in the kitchen, while Mary is sitting at Christ's feet.  Quite ironic is the fact that today was a quick Gathering at Karis.  There was a show at 2 p.m., and we had to be out of the Theatre at 11, so we were trying to get out of there fast without getting too stressed.  But God really worked.  I think people were challenged, as I was, to be like Mary, but also to be a Martha with a heart like Mary's.  What do I mean?  We serve, but we do it with a heart of worship.  The band played "At Your Feet" (Mars Hill), "Fellowship So Deep" (Caedmon's Call), and "Jesus, I Am Resting" (Matthew Smith).  They did an unplugged set, and it was fantastic. After the Gathering, we went over to The Loft and had a prayer time for our suffering brother, Eric Yearwood.  I prayed, repenting personally and calling others to the same, for praying such lame, "weanie" prayers that don't really believe God can do anything.  We asked God to heal Eric.  Do we believe He can?  I do.  But after I prayed, I thought about what God is doing at Karis:

  • We were holding the prayer time in donated space right on 9th Street.  When I told some people earlier that I was going to ask the building owner to let us use space for free, they laughed.
  • Right next to me was a man who, just a few weeks ago, didn't know Christ or have an interest in the gospel.  Now he's sold out, on fire, and whatever other expressions we could use, for the Lord.
  • Across from me was a lady who just started coming recently who has been out of church for some time.  It is very obvious that God is very much at work in her life.  Her whole family is being blessed.  She is a blessing to Karis.
  • I could go around the room, speaking of those gathered praying and could share countless stories about how God is at work in them, and how God brought them to Karis, but a) I couldn't post it online, and b) I wouldn't have enough time.
  • We came from the Missouri Theatre.  When I first called, inquiring about it, I was told that it would not work well at all for a church to meet in there.
  • The dude leading worship, who does an amazing job, pretty much laughed the first time I invited him to be a part of the plant and lead our music.  He's now one of my best friends ever and is one of our elders.  I wouldn't trade him for David Crowder or Chris Tomlin or both.

God can do amazing things.  Why don't I look around more and see what He's done?

Here are the sermon points I shared today:

Jesus, Our One Thing (Luke 10:38-42)

  1. Jesus teaches that disciples encourage the marginalized, people like Mary and Martha.
  2. Jesus teaches that disciples worship like Mary.
  3. Jesus teaches that disciples serve unlike Martha.

a) She lost perspective b) She seized control c) She misplaced significance