Karis Blog: Sunday Gathering Preview

Tomorrow at 10 a.m., Karis will gather at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.  I'm really excited to gather with God's people and worship Him.  I'll be preaching from Luke 10:38-42.  This is the great passage where Martha is serving frantically, stressing herself out, while Mary is peacefully sitting and listening to Jesus.  This passage is really challenging me, and I can't wait for it to challenge you, as well. This Sunday's Gathering will look a bit different from other weeks.  It will be a McGathering by Karis standards.  We'll have to wrap up no later than 11:00 (usually we go until 11:30 to 11:45), as there is an important show in the Theatre.  So there will be less of everything: preaching and singing.  But no worries, as we'll still gather around the table of our Lord as we do every Sunday at Karis.  Join us!