Chase Update: 07.07.08

Here are a couple of updates regarding our brother Chase today.  Things are looking much better today.  First, from my wife:

GREAT GREAT God-given surgery outcome... chase had surgery until late last night, they were expecting a large amount of feedings in his abdominal cavity, but they did not find that. they found amounts in his upper left quadrant, cleaned it out, then stitched him up. that is still major surgery in the midst of everything, but a huge blessing that we do not have a week plus of huge pain and pain medication. they replaced a peg tube, one that is two inches longer due to his "huge abdominal muscles". he is a football dude!  that was the problem and the normal peg tube size probably dislodged easily when coughing or moving. he is recovering today from last night. i am so thankful and rhonda's words exactly, "i know this outcome last night is because all of you were praying"... God is good, we have a long road ahead with our brother, but praise God we can move forward more and not take a big huge step back. this is now a step back, but today we pray to move ahead again with the neuro statis.  pray that they can be less on sedation and pain med this week so we can have our chase open his eyes and start responding again. pray for that specifically. his family expresses so much love and thanks. keep praying for their health and job situations and chase's eight year old brother and his 18 year old sister. they are adorable!!

From Karis member Janelle Blair:

I went to visit Chase's family this evening.  They said that he had his eyes open earlier today.  The occupational therapist had been in with him earlier today as well before his parents got there.  Mrs. Smith said that they told her that he has staph in his sputum.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith have decided that there are about six guys that they are going to let go back and see Chase.  There was a girl, Katie, and a guy that went back while I was there.  Katie said that she told Chase that if he woke up that she would give him a kiss and he moved his lips.  Mrs. Smith also said that he was responding to voice commands earlier today.  I think Mr. Smith had rode back up to Kirksville with someone so he could get his other pickup.  I also visited with Chase's grandma for a few mintues before I left.  His mother went back to see him before the doctor's did their 6:30 rounds.

This is clearly some good news, but our brother has a long way to go.  Let's pray.