Hangin' in the 'Ville II

Another great day here in Louisville.  This morning, we woke up and hung out with Chip Stam until lunch.  It's great to just sit around and talk about life, theology, and, his passion, church music.  What a great man and great source of wisdom he is.  He has just come out of a long battle with cancer, also, and it's great to hear about God's goodness to him during that trial. We then drove over to Sojourn to meet Nathan Ivey, who runs their mercy ministry, Seed.  We ate at Mark's Feed Store together, an awesome BBQ place.  Sojourn is doing some amazing things in serving the city.  It was great to hear what they're doing.  It gave us some awesome things to think about, and it also encouraged us, in that we're taking many of the same approaches they are.

I then took the guys (Luke, Rob, and Jeremy) over to Southern for a tour and some time to just hang out.  It was great to get back over there and see all the changes.  We spent some time at the Lifeway Store there, the greatest bookstore I've seen.

Next we met Chip and Doris at an awesome restaurant, J Gumbo's, that served cajun cuisine, over in the Clifton area.  It was again great to fellowship and laugh hysterically with them.

Lastly, we ended up the night at the Schreiner place.  Chris Bass, who is about to plant in Boston, was also there.  It was great to sit around and talk theology and church planting with some amazing scholars.  Tom Schreiner is one of the most humble, yet gifted scholars I know.   What a privilege!