MandMM Recap: The Devil Came On Horseback

This past Friday night, we gathered for Movies and MindMaps to watch The Devil Came on Horseback.   The film, featured in last year's True/False Film Festival here in Columbia, chronicles former Marines officer Brian Steidle's excursion to the Darfur region of Sudan.  After fulfilling his commitment to the military, Steidle chose to leave rather than be confined to a desk job.  Searching the internet for something to do, he found a job monitoring the cease fire between warring groups in Sudan.  There he was exposed to genocide happening in Darfur.  He saw astounding atrocities, capturing much of them on his camera.  Upon returning to the states, he shared his photos and experiences with the New York Times and begin speaking in front of anyone who would listen.  Sadly, however, his efforts have largely fallen on deaf American ears.  Genocide is still happening in Darfur.  America isn't doing much.  And, we, the church, can't remain silent.  Rob did an excellent job leading the discussion after the film.  We then spent some great time chatting afterward at Kaldi's.  I highly recommend The Devil Came on Horseback. Now, what are your thoughts?  What can we do all the way over here to halt genocide in Darfur?