We're in this Morning's Tribune

Annie Nelson of the Columbia Tribune did another piece on us today, spotlighting the current controversy in the MBC.  The article can be found here.  Annie is a top-notch journalist, and, as usual, I think she described our current struggles quite fairly and accurately.  One thought: I have never received one question about our movie selection for Movies and MindMaps from anyone from the MBC executive board.  That aspect of the story is pretty much news to me.  We at Karis think the movie ratings are pretty arbitrary and aren't that helpful.  But anytime we have showed a movie with a "restricted" rating (and we try to avoid them), we have, if necessary, skipped through offensive material that could potentially cause a believer to stumble.  We've never showed nudity at Karis.  Mr. Marr would have known that if he would have talked to me.  But, as I've found through this controversy, people just don't talk to you.  They prefer to talk about you.  And, as we know from Scripture, that's not the Lord's intention for His church.