Wanna be a Katalyst?

We're winding down this first session of Katalyst, a new leadership training, group discipleship program at Karis, at the end of August. Twice a month this summer, we have gathered to study a selection from a theology text, a helpful article, and a challenging lecture or sermon. Our next session will begin on September 11th. We'll again be reading from Grudem's Systematic Theology. Our biblical theology text this round will be Vaughn Roberts' God's Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible. Katalyst fits with Karis's vision for the Karis Institute which will likely begin in seed form this semester, while kicking off officially in January. Katalyst will be the mentoring wing of that larger entity. The vision is to see young men trained in the context of the local church and sent out to be church planters and pastors. Katalyst gives young men up-close and personal interaction with Karis elders who are passionate about equipping them for service in Christ's church. If you are a dude, and you desire to explore church leadership and be challenged and sharpened in your faith, then Katalyst might be for you.