The Miers family is heading to Brazil

We want to see a city where church isn’t just on Sunday mornings. We want to see a gospel-centered, missional church that affects culture, daily life, coffee shops, farms, universities and homes. A church like that is one where Christ is center, restoring people to each other and Himself.

After several years of discerning a call to the mission field, we are excited to announce that we will be moving to Itajuba, Brazil in just a few months!

We talked about God’s call on our lives to Brazil as early as our first date. That vague call has sharpened more and more over the years as our relationships with each other, with God and with people in Brazil have grown. There are many reasons to go, including the friends, food, coffee, career opportunities, a mountainous tropical climate, adventure and a beautiful culture. The point beyond a list of pros and cons is this: We are called to plant a missional, gospel-centered church in a city that desperately needs Jesus.

Cultural Christianity is prominent in Brazil; We seek to bring a gospel that saturates every part of life. Itajuba is home to a large university, is surrounded Brazil’s coffee region; and is brimming with culture.

We believe a church plant focused on culture could be the vehicle to change lives, grow communities and bring people to Christ. Our skills in communications, coffee, linguistics, ministry and English will prove useful in creating a bridge between Itajuba and the kingdom of God. In short, we’re going to make disciples and brew coffee!

Igreja do Redentor em Itajubá-MG, a sister site of Igreja do Redentor em Rio, launches in October 2019. We will assist with the church plant as missionaries of Restore Brazil, a mercy ministry, pastoral training and church planting organization we have partnered with through Karis Church since 2015.

Outside of the church, Lauren will coordinate communications for Restore Brazil, and Sam plans to work in the local coffee industry.

We have both been to Brazil several times and have prayed for years that God would clearly open the doors to ministry there. The doors are now flung wide open. In a matter of weeks, we went from thinking we may go someday to knowing we would move in just a few months!

Though this is all very exciting, we know that in order to go we must leave. We don’t take that lightly. It is incredibly hard to leave a place with people so near and dear to us. Whether you support the mission to plant a church across the world or not, please join our team so we can share stories and stay connected!

Sam and Lauren Miers have served Karis Church for many years in nearly a dozen ways. If you would like to serve them by supporting their missionary work financially, you can give online here. Just select their names on Giving Fire to make a donation.