MC Spotlight

Bobby Schembre, who also serves as Music Deacon in Karis Church, recently took some time to answer some questions about the Music & Arts Missional Community that he leads up. 1. Who makes up your group’s leadership team? Shepherding Leader: Aarik Danielsen; Administrative Leader: Kevin Stark; Prayer Leader: Kevin Stark

2. Who is a part of this group? (what kinds of people) Musicians, artists, craftsmen, and a couple non-artistics. 3 kids.

3. What does an MC Gathering meeting look like? For now, we eat, have a lesson, pray, gathering around the piano and we have a few musicians join in and sings worship songs.

4. What other types of things does your MC do outside of that weekly gathering? Mainly we participate in the arts around the city.  Some of us go to weekly events at Orr Street Studios. Some of us frequent the bridge.  We have peeps who joined the Columbia Art league, with others taking craft classes.  Basically we are meeting artists all around the city.

5. What is the mission of your group? What do you pray the Lord does through your Missional Community? We want to support the local arts scene and individual artists.  By being extremely dedicated patrons, we intend to build many relationships with artists and share the gospel with them.

6. What are some of the things the Lord is doing in your group now?  Well it can be hard to see exactly what he is doing right now but God has given us a ton of relationships with unbelievers.  We are interacting with unbelievers more intentionally than ever before.