Full Day in Fuchu

Today, we spent a relaxing day with Drew and Meg in their new town. We all slept in after a really busy Monday. We did a bit of final souvenir shopping. We shared a great yakiniku lunch. You grill your own meat right at your table. It was great. 

We spent the afternoon talking and praying with Drew and Meg about our future partnership. How can we support them from the states? How can we support them here on the ground?  We have some good ideas. I look forward to many years of fruitful labor with them in Japan. 

This evening, Pastor Yoshito and his wife Ami took us out to a Japanese restaurant where we had shabu shabu. You swish meat back and forth in boiling water and then dip it in sauces. We enjoyed our fellowship with the Noguchis.  

It's hard to believe, but we head back tomorrow. I really miss Amy and the kids, but this trip has been great.