Day Eight: Heading Home

Yesterday we left our home in west Tokyo and headed back into the city. We put our bags down in a quite nice Tokyo hotel. We then did a bit of sightseeing and shopping. We headed in to see the main temple in Tokyo, where millions come each year to pray and worship. We shopped a bit at the many stores right around there. We then went back to the hotel for a nice Japanese meal. Following dinner, Drew and Meg and their friend Tomoko were kind enough to take me to a multilevel Japanese toy store. I’ve been gone for over a week. Gotta bring things home for the kids, right? We then did some more walking around in that area (can’t remember the name and Drew and Meg aren’t here right now!). We walked down one street where the sex industry was very obviously going strong. It was sad seeing the faces of young women who were likely forced to be in that situation. We then sat down for a Mister Donut, something that was on Tony’s Japan must-do list. As Drew pointed out, it was a bit hard to eat a donut after seeing all of that. The need for the gospel here is so great.

I’m writing this from Tokyo’s Narita airport. We’ll head out soon for the states. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Can’t wait to see you.