A Karis Identity: Peacemakers

karisdnaFor those of us who are in Christ, our identity has been radically changed. He has paid for our sins. We are children of God. At Karis Church, we believe that core identity flows into six additional, fundamental truths about who we are. One is that we are peacemakers.


We are peacemakers who seek the welfare of our city and our world.


We don’t just spread the gospel in word, but also in deed. We labor to show mercy and fight for justice all around us. This includes our calling to serve as culture shapers, investing in our communities, working hard and being creative for God’s glory. Christ was a peacemaker. We must seek shalom, as well. As sinners, we want to seek our interests. We want to do our thing and be left alone. God, though, calls us out of selfishness and into service.

This is our identity as His children.