A Karis Identity: Storytellers

karisdnaFor those of us who are in Christ, our identity has been radically changed. He has paid for our sins. We are children of God. At Karis Church, we believe that core identity flows into six additional, fundamental truths about who we are. One is that we are storytellers.


We are storytellers who proclaim God’s story, as well as how He has rescued us, to others.


We are meant to tell stories to others. We share ours - who we are and how God has saved us. But all that must be caught up in His grand, redemptive story. We must tell His story - how He has redeemed His creation through Christ. Jesus came telling kingdom stories. So must we. In our sin, we tend toward cowardice. We move toward comfort. Therefore, we don’t want to talk about God and what He’s done in us. The Lord, however, intends to make us into people who freely, boldly share and proclaim His good news to those all around us. We want to obey Him and tell stories.

Will you join us?