A Karis Identity: Worshippers

karisdnaFor those of us who are in Christ, our identity has been radically changed. He has paid for our sins. We are children of God. At Karis Church, we believe that core identity flows into six additional, fundamental truths about who we are. One is that we are worshippers.


We are worshippers of Jesus who seek to grow together in our delight of Jesus for His glory.


We were made for worship. The issue is not if we worship; it’s who or what we worship. Our fallen tendency is to turn to idols and worship them, and particularly to seek glory for ourselves. But God will turn us into people who, little by little, begin to glorify God in Christ until one day we’re ready to do it forever. As we delight in Jesus, we glorify Him, and we live out our created purpose.

Will you come and worship with us?