A Karis Identity: Family

For those of us who are in Christ, our identity has been radically changed. He has paid for our sins. We are children of God. At Karis Church, we believe that core identity flows into six additional, fundamental truths about who we are. One is that we are family.


We are gospel family who live and care for each other.


We were made for community, for family. It’s what we desperately want, but as sinners, the struggles and complexities of living in community tempt us to flee. However, as Christians, we are children of God and thus brothers and sisters with one another. We were not made to live out our faith alone. The church isn’t optional. We’re meant to grow by sacrificially caring for one another, meeting each other’s needs, and demonstrating to the world what true family looks like. God is committed to making us family together.

Will you join us?