Marriage Class this Sunday

The second of four marriage classes that Karis will be teaching over the next three months will meet at 7:00 p.m. at 606 Ridgeway Avenue on Sunday, February 10. Both engaged and married couples may attend. Couples desiring to be married by Karis elders must attend these classes and will have additional counseling sessions with a Karis elder and his wife.

Here’s the remaining class schedule:

  • February 10 — Different by Design for the Gospel: Biblical Roles, Gender Differences (Aaron Harris)
  • March 10 — Applying the Gospel through Communication & Conflict (Kevin Larson)
  • April 14 — Applying the Gospel in Money & Sex (Ryan Worley)


Remember, if you’re getting married at Karis, you must attend all four classes, so mark your calendars. Anyone interested in joining the marriage class should contact Brooke Danielsen on The City or at to get signed up and get the syllabus with reading assignments.