Karis Gathering Review: 03.08.09

We had a great Gathering this past Sunday.  I preached from Luke 11:24-36, encouraging us to see the glory of "Jesus, Our Prophet, Our Sage."  I looked at four key questions we all have as human beings.  They are the following, with my conclusions in italics:

  1. How should I live? in obedience to Jesus
  2. Will I have regrets? not if we embrace Him
  3. How will I know for sure? He is risen
  4. How can I find purpose and joy? Look at Him

The band rocked it out on the following songs:

  1. "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"
  2. "To Christ the Lord" (Indelible Grace; my personal favorite)
  3. "Jesus Whispers" (Red Mountain)
  4. "We Are Listening" (Sojourn)
  5. "There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood"
  6. "Wholly Yours" (Crowder)
  7. "This Low" (The Swell Season)

As usual, they did amazingly well.  I'm so incredibly grateful for them!  Join us next week for another Karis Gathering.