Karis Blog: Theology at the Forge this Thursday

Tomorrow night, Thursday the 19th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Forge and Vine, Karis will be hosting another round of "Theology at the Forge."  The restaurant is located at 119 South 7th St. in downtown Columbia.  Here is a summary of the topic for discussion: Branding: Are We Marked for Life? Experts tell us that by grade school, American kids are familiar with hundreds of logos. Whether it's swooshes or golden arches, companies and advertisers work together to create unforgettable images that build customer loyalty. But branding is about more than just selling a product. It's about selling a way of life. From culturally accepted catchphrases to commercials which debate what kind of computer best represents us, branding has left an indelible mark on our society, affecting the way we view our money, ourselves and each other. Are the brands we buy simply harmless economic choices or do they reveal something about our personality and beliefs? Is it ethical for companies to try and create lifelong customers through marketing in schools? And what of upstart movements to make pervasive branding a thing of the past? The answers to these questions may reveal more about our own brand of thinking than we realize. Bring a few friends, an opinion and an open-mind, and grab a table, food and drink in the upstairs lounge at the Forge & Vine downtown. All ideas are welcome.