Luke 9:51-62: Jesus, Our Resolute Savior

I'm seriously going to try to get back into the groove blogging.  I have slacked for awhile, mainly because I've gotten a bit into the mini-blog world (aka Twitter).  Today, we had an awesome Gathering.  It was snowy, so I know it kept a bunch of people home, but we still had a great group.  I was preaching with a cold, so I wasn't at my best, but I thank God for really working through me regardless.  The band rocked, as usual.  We again did "Infinite Divine," which I love.  What a blessing to have that group of musicians lead us each week.  Seriously, churches of thousands don't have that kind of talent.  Can I also say Lynn's prayer was outstanding?  Wow. Here was my outline for this week.  May God turn us into people that are radical and self-sacrificing for the kingdom.  Also, note Jaylyn's new graphic for the series!

Jesus Resolutely Headed Toward Jerusalem for Us (Luke 9:51-56) 1. Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem to die (v. 51) 2. Jesus journeyed through Samaria in love (vv. 52-56)

We must focus exclusively on the kingdom for Him (Luke 9:57-62) 1. We must follow Him over physical comforts (vv. 57-58) 2. We must follow Him over earthly relationships (vv. 59-62)