The KC Star on the "Journalism Bowl"

I like to point out as much as I can the greatness of Mizzou's journalism school.  It is known as the tops in the nation.  This truly gives the University of Missouri an Ivy-like influence.  In fact, Mizzou grads are shaping, in many ways, the thinking of those Harvard and Yale grads working in Washington and across the country.  Here is an excerpt from a Kansas City Star sports article.  The influence goes beyond ESPN to every influential news outlet in America, as well as across the world.

The Journalism Bowl

One of the questions that came up during Thursday’s Alamo Bowl media conference with Fitzgerald and Missouri coach Gary Pinkel concerned pressure from the internationally known school of journalism for each university.

“It was made crystal clear the expectations,” Fitzgerald said, perhaps kiddingly.

Pinkel noted he became most aware of the journalism school’s tradition during a midseason bye week when he went to the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn.

“I think they have 21, 22 people on that site that are graduates from the J-school at the University of Missouri,” Pinkel said. “What I came away with from that is the remarkable pride they have in where they went to school, where they graduated.”