Leading with a Limp

I've really enjoyeLeading with a Limp by Dan Allenderd Dan Allender's book Leading with a Limp. I don't agree with everything he says.  But his main thesis is helpful.  The book is challenging.  Unless we lead with this "limp," displaying to all around us that we're broken, humble leaders, we won't become the leaders we should become, and we won't see realized in our followers their God-given potential.  In fact, he argues, we'll push the best people around us away.  I can see this in my ministry here at Karis.  At times, I've thought, "If I show this flaw, or show my weakness, it will make him doubt me and leave."  And with some people, although not many, it has.  But with others, particularly our best leaders, those with whom I am closest, it has drawn them to me.  As I've been real and have shown my "limp," I've experienced the gospel-- God's acceptance, as well as my brother's, but by His grace, I've also displayed the gospel to those people near to me.  In no way am I saying that I've figured this out or perfectly model this, but it's what I'm striving after.  Allender's book has reassured me that embracing this "limp" and letting people see it is the wisest course.