Advent Conspiracy: Art for Parkade

There is a conspiracy spreading across ourAdvent Conspiracy nation.  Churches are banding together, looking at the ridiculous consumerism, saying, "Enough is enough!"  Join the people of Karis, as we help the art program at Parkade Elementary School in Columbia.  They're low on some pretty low-cost supplies.  This year, instead of buying your mom another knick-knack or your dad another sweater, give to some dedicated teachers and needy kids.  Bring the goods to the Shalom table at Karis during the weeks of Advent. Needed Supplies Aluminum Foil (Heavy Duty, lots of it) Dowel Rods (1/2 inch in width, 1 yard long, need 90!) Fake flowers, fruits/veggies (from Michaels/Hobby Lobby for drawing) Hot glue guns (that hold larger glue sticks and sticks) Plain, #2 pencils (good ol' yellow ones) Water Colors (Prang, removable ovals) Crayola Markers (any kind, thin or thick) And... even some really cheap stuff: newspapers, magazines, old calendars with art images. Also... there are some more expensive items we can buy if you want to make a financial donation.  Bring it also to the Shalom table at Karis.