Theology Weekend Wrap-up

What a fabulous Theology Weekend we had.  First, on Friday night, in Keller Auditorium, we had our forum and discussion: "Only One Way?"  About 150 or so came and heard Dr. Bruce Ware discuss this question with Rev. Kristin Powell of the Unity Center and Dr. Paul Moessner of Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church.  It was a great evening.  Particularly helpful was Dr. Ware's defense of the exclusivity of Christ in salvation.  He didn't just quote the relevant Bible verses.  He explained theologically how Jesus must be the only Savior. On Saturday morning, Dr. Ware spoke about God's holiness in Neff Auditorium.  That evening the leadership team of Karis hung out with him and had the opportunity to have some Q and A time with him.  On Sunday morning, he spoke in the Karis Worship Gathering about God's self-sufficiency.  It was powerful message in a powerful service.  Check out the podcast soon!  Two more sessions took place on Sunday, with Dr. Ware speaking about God's sovereignty over lunch at the Forge and Vine and talking about the Trinity that evening in Neff once again.  I then had the privilege of driving him to St. Louis to get ready for his early morning Monday flight.  What a great opportunity to "pick the brain" of such an eminent scholar.

What a fabulous weekend!  What an amazing teacher!  But more wonderful is his genuine delight and love for the Lord and His kingdom.  I, of course, knew that from my days at Clifton and Southern, but I am glad that Karis got to know him, as well.  I am so thankful for "Theology Weekend" and Dr. Ware.  Stay tuned.  The lectures will be posted online soon.