Yesterday: Our First Theatre Gathering

Yesterday was a fabulous first day.  It was amazing seeing so many great people come together in service to make it all happen.  We had our highest Sunday attendance ever.  We're not obsessed with numbers at Karis, but we definitely want to include more people in our mission to see "The District" changed, and we want as many people as possible to hear about Jesus.  A random recap:

  • The band was amazing.  I told several people yesterday that we have a band that is as good as churches of 5,000 or so would have.  And I am a musician with 10 plus years of experience in worship teams, so I know what I'm talking about.  Luke leads and does a great job of leading and picking out great songs (what a great first elder!).  We had Scott on the bass, Brady on the guitar, Bobby on the keys, and Michael on the violin.  And Jeff played drums for the first time this week and did fabulous.  They really gelled.
  • I talked about Luke 8:22-25 with the theme, "Burn Your Plastic Jesus."  This was intentionally a vision-casting sermon, and I just tried to lift up the name of Jesus and make it clear we were all about him at Karis.
  • Susan launched "Karis Kids" and we had a great group of them.  I am thankful for her and her helpers she has put together.
  • Jaylyn and Jeremy got the curtain hung, which did exactly what I hoped-- separating the huge hall in half so that it was more cozy.  Just wait until they get Matt's awesome design put on it.
  • Chris is heading up the set-up team and things went smoothly.
  • Jeanna's connecting team handled the new crowd marvelously.
  • Troy's tech team handled everything with no problem (Grant, Brandon, etc.)
  • Alex and Caleb came up from Meridian, and the fellowship with them was great.
  • It was amazing seeing the big stream of people coming up for communion.
  • In my book, "To Christ the Lord" is the best worship song, lyrically and musically, ever written.
  • The Theatre is a beautiful facility, a gift of God to us.  It will be perfect for our church.
  • Having said that, it pales in comparison to the beauty of Jesus.  I pray that He will be our focus.
  • Rob Gaskin is the best assistant and friend a guy could ever have.  He did so much to make this all happen.  I am proud of him and thankful for him.  He is a gifted leader and a gift from God.

Join us next Sunday for Karis in the Theatre!