What's Up? 08.01.08

My blogging has been a bit random lately, except for the Chase Updates.  What have I been doing?

  • Visiting Chase every chance I get.
  • Hanging out in the Missouri Theatre (last Tues. night) for preliminary sound training.  More extensive training will be this Saturday.
  • Eating lunch with emerging leaders in Karis.
  • Working on new "invite cards" and posters for Karis.  I think they look pretty "tight" (as the kids say).  They should be here soon.
  • Customizing our new Shalom website that will provide opportunities for Columbians to get involved in mercy and social action, and getting business cards completed for that.
  • Chillin' with the interns: Jeremy, Rob, and Ryan-- being grateful for them.
  • Having a great KC getaway with my wife two weekends ago (thanks Kris and Brittany!).
  • Working on sermons on "The Parable of the Soils" (Luke 8).
  • Teaching through How People Change in our C-Groups.
  • Baptizing Aaron and Maureen Harris on Sunday night and hanging with the Karis pals for a picnic at Stephens.
  • Doing premarital counseling with Jon Dennis and Kristin Hansen.
  • Recruiting teams (with Bobby) to help canvass parts of the city, telling them about our "Grand Opening."
  • Working through an insane to-do list related to that "Grand Opening": signs, publications, etc. etc.
  • Caring for a sick wife and kids.

I'm incredibly encouraged about what God is doing, and where we're heading.  But there is so much to do.  Pray for my stress!