Chase Update: 07.15.08

From Chase's care page (

Hey guys it has been an up and down last 4 or 5 days but an amazing blessing to see where God has brought Chase! Today they have tried to leave him off his ventilator all day and so far so good. He has also had a lot of activity over the past few days. He has had his eyes open for a good amount of the days and has been not only responding to commands but also responding to what people are saying to him. He is looking more like Chase each day and we are so amazed to see his progress. Continue to pray for Chase to be healed and also pray that he will be comforted, as he is still in a lot of pain. Continue to pray for Chases family, his Mom is going to have to go back to Kirksville soon and this is going to be so hard for her. There will be a lot of people around helping, but 5 people could not do half as amazing as this one woman is doing. Thank you for continuing to care for and pray for Chase. We tell him each and every day that every one of you is praying for him and love him!

In His Grace, Josh Blackman

And from Karis member Janelle Blair:

I went to see Chase's family again this evening.  They said that he had been doing well the last few days.  They had him sitting up in his bed today and the occupational therapist had been in with him too.  They took the tube out of his nose and they hope to start feeding him through the tube in his stomach tomorrow.  His dad said that he is pretty much breathing on his own now.  His dad said that if he kept improving like he is that they move him to rehab next week.  They are still tying his hands down because he wants to tear out the tubes and take the wires off.  That's about all I know for now!