07.02.08 Chase Update

I got to visit Chase yesterday.  They've closed off visits to everyone but family, but since I'm his pastor, they let me through.  His mom also let Amy through, as she's a nurse and was able to help them understand things a great deal.  It was an encouraging visit.  He is showing lots of signs of improvement.  He had a tight grip on my hand most of the time.  He seemed to be trying to open his eyes.  When Amy was talking and switched sides on him, he turned his head that direction.  I'm really encouraged.  Lord, Chase is in your hands.  We trust you completely.  But we want him back.  Would you bring him back to us Lord, so he can tell more people about you?  So he can love your people even more?  And bring glory to you?  We love you.  In Christ's name, Amen.