Baptism and Fullness

I just finished the book Baptism and Fullness by John Stott.  This short book (just over 100 pages) seeks to deal with all things biblically related to the person of the Holy Spirit.  He deals with four main themes:Baptism and Fullness

  1. The Promise of the Spirit - the gift or baptism of the Spirit and how it's for all believers
  2. The Fullness of the Spirit - how we pursue this, and how it relates to the baptism
  3. The Fruit of the Spirit - how God supernaturally, yet naturally (through our pursuit), but gradually gives us these fruit
  4. The Gifts of the Spirit -what the gifts are, to whom they're given, from where they come, for what purpose they're given

This is an incredibly helpful book, a fitting supplement, or, even a replacement, for sections in systematic theologies about the doctrine of the Spirit.  He deals fairly with all of the questions related to charismatic theology in the little book, as well, leaving one with a pretty balanced perspective, I think.