A Samaritan Pushing A Suburban

I was sitting at the corner of 9th and Broadway on Wednesday talking to my friend Bill when I looked up anddavidwhite.jpg saw a group of guys pushing a huge Chevy Suburban across Broadway.  I noticed that joining three young African-American men was a guy all spiffed up in a suit and tie.  I then looked closer and noticed it was my friend David White, the Executive Director of the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, our new home in the fall.  I jumped up and helped out.   I jokingly said, "Is this in your job description?"  He shot back without hesitation, "Yes, it is."  What an encouragement to me that was.  Here we have a well-known civic leader, in a suit and tie, pushing a Suburban for complete strangers.  That's what Jesus does, friends.  And yes, it is in our job description.