Smashing Idols 1

This past Wednesday night, we began a new C-Groups series at Karis entitled, "Smashing Idols."  We began by looking at our call to worship God.  We were made to do so.  As Piper would say, it gives glory to God and joy to us.  By nature, we are worshippers.  It's a matter of what we worship, not if we worship.  But, as Calvin said, because of the fall, we are all "idol factories."  We read Romans 1 and talked about how our natural tendency is to exchange the glory of God for things He has made.  We also discussed how we naturally take things we value and turn them into supreme values or idols.  This should be a productive, challenging study for us. Yesterday, a friend pointed out this post about Bill Buckner of the Red Sox.  Why has he been so villified by Sox fans?  It's because of idolatry.