Some Words from Southern on the MBC

In my response on the Founders blog the other day, I said this:

While at Southern, I honestly hadn't heard anything about Acts 29, but, in my view, an abstinence only view would be unthinkable by virtue of students having sola scriptura beaten in their heads everyday.

And I also said this:

As I've told many, my experience at Southern clearly shows me that my generation (I'm 36) and younger has little appetite for this. The average Southern student thinks Driscoll is fine, Tim Keller is amazing, and can't understand what all the fighting is about. Why? Because Dr. Mohler and his faculty teach sola scriptura and the other four solas of the Reformation. And that makes this whole issue pretty simple.

Now, I haven't been there since 2004, so I could be wrong.  I'm pretty confident, though, I'm not.  I was Facebooking back and forth a student today at Southern and he said this:

By the way, _______ and I read your response to Tom Ascol's questions and thought them to be very gracious and humble. Talking to several church planters to be around here, there is not much grace allotted to the MBC, and so it was nice to read from someone who is directly affected by this and yet so graciously displaying a Christ-like attitude, THANK YOU. We look forward to meeting you and worshiping with you at Karis.

And he also said this:

Absolutely, just to clarify though this is the position of many of the students that I am around, but I have heard nothing from faculty as of yet.

I appreciate his kindness to me.  I have tried to be humble and gracious.  But this has been very difficult and frustrating.  May we all seek to imitate our Lord when undergoing undue suffering.