We're #1! (and you're not)

What a game! I was seated in the upper deck at Arrowhead Stadium last night for the biggest Border War ever. Some thoughts: 1) 70/30 split? No way! KU seemed to have a slight fan advantage, but it wasn't that dramatic. Those Beakers that were there shut up pretty quickly.

2) Chasmangino.jpege Daniel for Heisman! Look at this statline-- 40 for 49 for 361 yards with 3 touchdowns and no picks. He did whatever he wanted last night on national TV. Those saying Tebow should win are out to lunch. Sure he's a great player, but just the fact you play for Florida shouldn't mean you get the Heisman handed to you. Daniel has led the Tigers to an 11-1 record, something Tebow cannot say. Watch lastfine.jpeg night's game, and show me a better QB in America.

3) Look at all the weapons! Chase Coffman, a future NFL tight end, didn't play the biggest part of the game. Everytime the ball got near Jeremy Maclin, it seemed like the whole Kansas team freaked out and ran to him. Meanwhile, Danario Alexander, perhaps our 6th offensive option, ended up with over a 100 yards receiving. He would be the leading receiver for many teams. He is only a sophomore and will no doubt start with Maclin next year.

4) Wave your wheat! What happened to that Kansas defense? The only wheat they were waving was at all the Tigers that blew by them. We did whatever we wanted offensively all night long. The only thing that slowed us down?  Those ridiculous turnovers that are uncharacteristic of a Gary Pinkel coached team. All the pre-game hype talked about KU's stellar run-defense, and how ours was porous. Mizzou outrushed Kansas 151 to 42.

5) Bring on the Sooners! The last game, in Norman, resulted in a Sooner victory as the Tigers made costly mistakes in the fourth quarter. Put this in a neutral site, with a trip to the BCS championship on the line, and Mizzou will win.

It's a great time to be a Tiger and be a resident of Columbia, Missouri!