Worship Organizer Makes Your Church Music Rock

One thing I haven't done on this blog is plug logo.gifa program created and maintained by my friend David Ward. I have collaborated with David and Eric Schumacher in the past on the blog "Doxologue" (although it's been silent for awhile). Let me say that, after working with worship music for more than 10 years, I haven't seen anything so user-friendly and ultra-beneficial for church music leaders. What does it do? It takes a while to get started, as you have to input and upload all your songs, but once you do this, you have an easy, powerful planning system. It's all web-based, so you can use it wherever you are. It can be utilized by multiple people, as well. Worship Organizer's best feature is its ability to help you plan services. You simply drag and drop from songs and readings and other service elements into a list that can be easily emailed out and accessed online. The program gives you one central place to store all music, Scripture readings, responsive readings, etc. You won't believe how organized it will make you.  And it keeps track of every thing you've done.

But this isn't all. It helps you schedule worship gathering participants, as well. Plan the service and it will email everyone involved, reminding them of their responsibilities. You can set up nursery schedules, as well, to accomplish the same thing. As we are a church plant meeting in a temporary location, we also use it for set-up teams.

Worship organizer is powerful in ways I don't even know yet. It's reasonably priced.  Check it out today.