Working for the Kingdom in a Strategic City

Yesterday, I saw a posting from the Desiring God blog about how they're giving away 5000 CDs to someone that can demonstrate a creative, well-planned strategy to get them in the hands of people.  Additionally, the 9 Marks Blog, "Church Matters," is discussing strategic cities and the importance of having strong churches there.  I was reflecting on how much I love our city, and how truly strategic it is.  Here's a bold statement (why you should send me LOTS of money): Columbia, Missouri is the most strategic city in the Midwest, and, perhaps one of the most influential college towns in the country.  

What?  Why's that?  Come on, Kevin!  It's because Mizzou has the nation's first and best journalism school.  Turn on Fox News, CNN, and all the major networks, and you see University of Missouri graduates.  Watch ESPN and listen for the anti-KU cracks from the Mizzou boys running Sportscenter.  Nothing influences our culture more than the media.  So, if you want to see America transformed by the gospel, you better not forget this growing little city in central Missouri.