Bruce Ware on the Trinity

For our recent installment of "Theology Club" at Karis, we have been discussing Bruce Ware's fine book, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles, and Relevance. We mewarebruce.jpgt yesterday and had a very lively discussion-- three guys and three gals-- on God as one, yet three. If you have looked for a book, written with the layperson in mind, that teaches not only the biblical teaching on the Trinity, but also its relevance, this is the book for you. Dr. Ware truly has a gift for making things transcendent remarkably accessible. I am excited to study this group with my members, because I had the remarkable privilege of worshipping with Dr. Ware at Clifton Baptist in Louisville and studying under him at Southern Seminary. He, along with the other Clifton elders, ordained me for the ministry. I had the opportunity to see both his academic life and his family life, serving as youth minister for a season at Clifton and working closely on the youth worship team with his daughter Rachel. My point? I know Dr. Ware. His mind and heart are worthy of emulation and admiration. Check out this great book!

In addition, there are some excellent lectures by Ware found on the doctrine of providence at These essentially boil down a class on Providence I took at Southern into just a few lectures.