Grieving Over Charlottesville

We, the Karis Church elders, grieve for the citizens of Charlottesville, Virginia. We are saddened by the tragic weekend they experienced there. We are saddened for our nation. We weep for, and with, our brothers and sisters of color. We long for the day when people of all nations will gather before the throne of the Lamb in worship.

We reject categorically the notion that ethnic superiority is in some way consistent with the Christian faith. Jesus, in fact, reigns as a Middle Eastern man whose native tongue is Aramaic. We affirm the dignity of all men and women. We treasure the truth that our Lord pursues all peoples.

We are saddened by national leaders who have dismissed and minimized the bigotry and violence seen over the weekend. We believe such a lack of leadership increases and emboldens such hearts and actions.

As we seek to lead our church and our city toward ethnic reconciliation, we pray for our elected leaders to pursue the same. May His kingdom come. May His will be done. May that be seen as people of all nations come together in love.