Touring Fuchu

Today, Drew and Megumi took us to see the sights of Fuchu. Their new city is a community just west of Tokyo proper. It's a beautiful place. The men toured with bicycles. Drew let me have the electric assisted model. I may have to get one of those back home!  

Fuchu has one of the most beautiful main streets I've seen. It's shaded by many majestic trees. We enjoyed yakitori don at a restaurant. That's grilled chicken in a rice bowl. It was delicious. We then took the bikes down to the river. It was beautiful. The vegetation and parks in Japan are terrific. On the way home, we stopped in a family restaurant to rest, where Drew insisted I eat ice cream. 😀 We are back at the Glosson home now. Megumi has Japanese curry simmering on the stove. It has been a great trip so far! Tomorrow, we have a meeting with the Soma Fuchu leadership team.