Gathering Recap: 04.26.09

It was a great Sunday at Karis.  Here was Sunday's liturgy:

Karis Community Church - The Gathering - Sunday, April 26th, 2009 The Call Call to Worship 1.2.30 - The Worship Sourcebook

Opening Song Infinite Divine - Joe Day

The Gospel James 4:13-15 Confession 2.2.50 - The Worship Sourcebook Jesus, I Come - Greg Thompson / William Sleeper Colossians 1:13-14 We Are Listening - Jeremy Quillo


Passing the Peace

Welcome - Jaylyn Salmons

The Word Preached The Almighty {and the} Dollar: Be Wise With Your Cash (Luke 16:1-15) - Kevin Larson

The Supper Dearly We're Bought - Joseph Hart, Matthew S. Welch Serving the Bread and the Cup The Bread and the Cup

Offering Meditation All I Have is Yours - Bobby Gilles, Rebbeca Bales Receiving the Offering

The Prayer Prayers of the Church - Aaron Harris

Closing Song Wholly Yours - David Crowder

The Sending 1 Peter 1:17-19

In addition, I preached from Luke 16 on "Be Wise With Your Cash."  Here are the main points I shared:

Be Wise With Your Cash (Lk. 16:1-15) 1. Invest funds generously for kingdom purposes (v. 9) a) the command b) the means c) the result

2. Handle money faithfully in the here and now (vv. 10-12) a) How we handle a bit of money displays how we’ll handle a bunch (v. 10) b) How we manage our cash shows if we’ll receive eternal life (v. 11) c) How we care for his wealth determines if we’ll get an inheritance (v. 12)

3. Fight aggressively against worshiping money (v. 13) a) Money can be a powerful idol b) God demands exclusive worship