Gathering Recap: 04.19.09

Kevin Cawley of Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City joined us this past Sunday for a special Karis Gathering.  He preached from Mark 2-3 on the Sabbath.  It was a very challenging, powerful message.  I'll share his points with you in a bit, but, first, here was Sunday's liturgy.  As I shared Sunday, I'm continually amazed at the way Luke studies the passage and submits to the Spirit and weaves everything together.

The Call Psalm 46:1-3, 10-11 Luke Daugherty

Opening Song/Prayer Mighty Power - Lyrics: Isaac Watts; Music and Arragement: The Parsons Isaiah 64:1-4 Michael Schembre

The Gospel Majesty - Martin Smith, Stuart Garrard Confession: Our Lack of Sabbath Rest - Sojourn Community Church Resting in the work of Christ (Assurance) - Sojourn Community Church Amazing Love (And Can It Be?) - Lyrics: Scott Roley/Charles Wesley, Music by the Northern Conspiracy O Love That Will Not Let Me Go - Words: George Mattheson, Music: Christopher Miner Isaiah 46:3-4

Welcome Passing the Peace Welcome Kevin Larson

The Word Preached "Jesus, Our Rest" Kevin Cawley

The Supper Jesus, I Am Resting - Words: Jean S. Pigott; Music: David B. Hampton Serving the Bread and the Cup The Bread and the Cup Receiving the Offering

Community Life Introduction of New Member Kevin Larson Prayers of the Church Lynn Bruning

Closing Song God of Justice - Tim Hughes

The Blessing Ephesians 3:20-21 Luke Daugherty

Well, back to the sermon.  Some time ago, I heard about Cawley heading to Kansas City to start Redeemer.  I was excited.  I'm from the KC area and knew there was a huge void of gospel-centered churches, particularly in the Westport area.  We got acquainted and then were able to financially support Kevin.  So it was great to have him and his friend Jared Crabtree with us.  Here is what he shared in his message:

Mark 2:23-3:6

Three Questions About the Sabbath

  1. Why do we need the Sabbath?
  2. What is it about the Sabbath we fight against?
  3. How does Jesus free us?

Four Reasons Why to Embrace the Sabbath

  1. It's a way to renounce idols.
  2. It's an act of liberation.
  3. It's a means of clarifying our calling.
  4. It's an act of faith.

Four Hows of the Sabbath

  1. Build into your life worship and rest.
  2. Make it about community.
  3. Make it about getting more Sabbath time.
  4. Embrace Jesus (Mt. 11:28-30).

Listen to Kevin's sermon here.