Gathering Recap: 04.12.09

The people of Karis gathered this morning to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  We worshipped at the Theatre, did baptisms at Grindstone Creek, and then had the biggest Easter dinner ever at the Larson house (it was wall-to-wall people).  It was a wonderful day.

Here's the liturgy for our Gathering this morning:

Introduction John 20:1-18     Matt Ballou

Call to Worship Easter Call to Worship N.1.2.3 - The Worship Sourcebook

Opening Songs Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Latin carol (trans. Charles Wesley, Lyra Davidica Our Great God - Fernando Ortega, Mac Powell

The Gospel Easter Confession N.2.2.1 - The Worship Sourcebook Ephesians 2:4-7 Thy Mercy, My God - Lyrics: John Stocker; Music by Sandra McCracken In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend and Keith Getty (1,2,3,4) 1 Corinthians 15:54-57

Welcome Passing the Peace Welcome     Jeremy Linneman

The Word Preached The Almighty {and the} Dollar: Don't Fret Your Needs - Kevin Larson (Luke 12:22-34)

Song of Meditation The Lord Will Provide - Lyrics by John Newton, Music by Matthew S. Smith

The Supper God Who Saves - Aaron Senseman Psalm 98:1-3 Serving the Bread and the Cup The Bread and the Cup Receiving the Offering

Community Life Introduction of New Members - Kevin Larson Prayers of the Church - Ryan Worley

Closing Song/Benediction Litany Prayer for Easter (Romans 8:31-39) - Sojourn Community Church All Must Be Well - Lyrics: Mary Bowley-Peters, alt. Matthew S. Smith; Music: Matthew S. Smith

Here is the content for this morning's sermon slides:

Don't Fret Your Needs (Luke 12:22-34) 1. Why We Should Hope and Not Worry a) Don’t worry or fear because there is so much more to life than our money and possessions (vv. 23) b) Don’t worry or fear because God cares for His creation and certainly will for us (vv. 24, 27-28) c) Don’t worry or fear because it won’t accomplish anything positive for us (v. 25-26) d) Don’t worry or fear because we have a heavenly Father who knows our needs (vv. 29-31) e) Don’t worry or fear because our Father wants to give so much more to us (v. 32-34) Why We Should Hope and Not Worry: He Will Provide

2. Why We Should Hope and Not Doubt a) the empty tomb and the witnesses b) resurrection and immortality c) the explosion of a new worldview Why We Should Hope and Not Doubt: He Is Risen

“It is not enough for the skeptic, then, to simply dismiss the Christian teaching about the resurrection of Jesus by saying, ‘It just couldn’t have happened.’  He or she must face and answer all these historical questions: Why did Christianity emerge so rapidly with such power?  No other band of messianic followers in that era concluded their leader was raised from the dead--why did this group do so?  No group of Jews ever worshipped a human being as God.  What led them to do it?  Jews did not believe in divine men or individual resurrections.  What changed their worldview virtually overnight?  How do you account for the hundreds of eyewitnesses to the resurrection who lived on for decades and publicly maintained their testimony, eventually giving their lives for their belief?”   Timothy Keller, The Reason for God, p. 210 3. Why We Should Hope and Not Settle a) the hope of the Bible's story b) the call to something better --seek


Why We Should Hope and Not Settle: He Will Restore